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F1 2011
PlayStation Vita

 April Shower (Bronze)
Objective: Win A Race In The Wet

 Challenger (Bronze)
Objective: Complete A Challenge With A C Rank Or Above

 Endurance (Bronze)
Objective: Complete A 100% Distance Race

 Flying Lap (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Your First Time Trial Medal

 Get Noticed (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve The Fastest Lap In A Grand Prix

 Grade A Performance (Bronze)
Objective: Earn An A Rank In Challenge Mode

 Grand Prix Win (Bronze)
Objective: Win Your First Grand Prix

 Made The Cut (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Q3 In Qualifying

 Manual Master (Bronze)
Objective: Finish A Race Using Only Manual Gears

 Pole Position (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve Pole Position

 Speed Demon (Bronze)
Objective: Drive Faster Than 230Mph (370Km/H)

 Toe To Toe (Bronze)
Objective: Win A Head To Head Challenge

 Tuned To Perfection (Bronze)
Objective: Take Pole Position In Qualifying With A Tuned Vehicle

 Unassisted (Bronze)
Objective: Finish A Race With All Driving Aids Turned Off

 Banger Racing (Silver)
Objective: Repair Damage To Your Car In The Pits And Go On To Win The Race

 Clean Sweep (Silver)
Objective: Win Every Grand Prix

 Go The Distance (Silver)
Objective: Drive 1000 Miles (1610Km)

 High Roller (Silver)
Objective: Win The Monte Carlo Grand Prix With Vehicle Damage Enabled

 Leader Of The Pack (Silver)
Objective: Achieve Pole On Every Circuit

 Learning To Fly (Silver)
Objective: Post A Flying Lap To Win A Time Trial Medal With All Driving Aids Disabled

 Prancer (Silver)
Objective: Complete A Lap Of Monza With An Average Speed Greater Than 150Mph (241 Km/H)

 Stirling Performance (Silver)
Objective: Lap Every Car In A Race In Wet Conditions

 The Greatest Of All Time (Silver)
Objective: Win Eight World Championships

 Unplugged (Silver)
Objective: Win A Race With All Driving Aids Disabled

 Champion (Gold)
Objective: Beat Sebastian Vettel In The Challenge Mode Head To Head Race

 Driving Legend (Gold)
Objective: Beat The Real World Lap Record On Any Circuit

 Legendary Charge! (Gold)
Objective: Win A Race Starting From 24Th On The Grid

 Must Dash! (Gold)
Objective: Earn 14 Pole Positions In A Single Season

 Shoe Maker (Gold)
Objective: Earn 149 Championship Points In A Single Season

 Timed To Perfection (Gold)
Objective: Achieve All Gold Time Trial Trophies

 Complete (Platinum)
Objective: Congratulations On Completing F1 2011


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