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Touch My Katamari
PlayStation Vita

 Congratulations! (Bronze)
Objective: Completed all Requests.

 Katamari Aficionado (Bronze)
Objective: Collected all songs.

 Katamari Fan Damacy (Bronze)
Objective: Obtained a Fan Damacy for the first time.

 Katamari Noob (Bronze)
Objective: Completed "Make It Big: Playtime".

 Long Live Katamari! (Bronze)
Objective: Unlocked Eternal and Katamari Drive modes for all Requests.

 We Love Cousins (Bronze)
Objective: Rolled up all Cousins.

 Connoisseur (Silver)
Objective: Collected all objects within the Curio Collection.

 Hoarder (Silver)
Objective: Collected all Presents.

 Sweet Talker (Silver)
Objective: Used 3 Candy Tickets at the same time.

 The King of Style (Silver)
Objective: Collected all of the King’s fashion items.

 Secret Trophies

 Fanatic (Gold)
Objective: Obtained the ultimate fashion item.


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