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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Jack the Ripper
Objective: Kill an enemy with a melee attack

Getting started
Objective: Secure Drassen Airport

Objective: Loot over 1000$ across several playthroughs

Objective: A single merc received over 100 damage in a single encounter without dying

Just point and shoot!
Objective: Recruit a local for the militia

You're not dead yet!
Objective: Rescue a merc from dying

Where there's a will
Objective: Use explosives to blast a hole into a wall

It's always the red one
Objective: Defuse a mine

Gaining trust
Objective: Recruit Ira

Things that go BOOM
Objective: Kill an enemy with a frag grenade

Field Mechanic
Objective: Restore 1000 durability on weapons

Field Doctor
Objective: Restore 1000 health

Squad Leader
Objective: Hire a total of 6 mercs

Higher education
Objective: Liberate Cambria City

Front towards enemy
Objective: Plant a mine

Adults only
Objective: Liberate San Mona

Garret would be proud
Objective: Pick 10 locks

Mines and military
Objective: Liberate Alma City

Bullet Hell
Objective: Fire a total of 5000 bullets

Mother Russia
Objective: Recruit Iggy

Rebel army
Objective: Recruit 100 locals for the militia across several playthroughs

Grenade variety
Objective: Use either smoke, stun, frag and teargas grenades at least once

Gordon never does this
Objective: Open 10 doors with the crowbar

A little crazy
Objective: Recruit Maddog

The local industry
Objective: Liberate Grumm City

Throwing arm
Objective: Throw 100 grenades

Infantry ftw!
Objective: Destroy a tank with the rocket launcher

Objective: Kill a total of 1000 enemies

Don't let me rot here
Objective: Recruit Shank

Explosive trap
Objective: Kill an enemy with a mine you planted

I don't like the drugs
Objective: Recruit Dimitri

Get off my beach!
Objective: Recruit Hamous

Objective: Buy goods for 1,000,000$ in the online shop

Lead the leader
Objective: Recruit Miguel

A museum
Objective: Liberate Balime City

For the children
Objective: Help Fatima and her children

All your SAM are belong to us
Objective: Recruit Dr. Vince

Huge explosions
Objective: Recruit Devin

Bloodcat extinction
Objective: Recruit Carlos

This guy likes slasher movies
Objective: Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks

Military madness
Objective: Recruit Conrad

Nearly there
Objective: Liberate Meduna City

Hail to the king!
Objective: Miguel Cordona becomes king

DaHonko Flakes
Objective: Help Richie "The Wizard" Parker find a limited edition of DaHonko Flakes!

The evil scientist
Objective: Stop Dr. Pippin's evil scheme

It's a trap!
Objective: Plant 100 mines

Blitz rebellion
Objective: Kill Deidranna within 15 days

Who needs not a penny...
Objective: Loot over 100000$ across several playthroughs

She's dead, Enrico
Objective: Kill Deidranna

Blast corps
Objective: Blast through 100 walls


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