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Darkness 2, The
PlayStation 3

 2 guys 1 Pole (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 2 enemies with one javelin

 Bonnie & Clyde wannabes (Bronze)
Objective: Kill Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois

 Burned His Mansion (Bronze)
Objective: Kill Luigi Palladino

 Carnie Kid (Bronze)
Objective: Earn a score of over 1000 in each of the carnival games

 Coward (Bronze)
Objective: Kill Cedro Valdez

 Cut and Run (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Arm Slash attack

 Dark Akimbo (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 enemies while dual wielding 2 different guns as Jackie

 Dark Ninjutsu (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a mission as Inugami

 Embraced the Darkness (Bronze)
Objective: In Vendettas, acquire all the talents for one character

 Executioner (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies with Executions while playing as Jackie

 Hell Hath No Fury... (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a mission as Shoshanna

 Impish Delight (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling

 It's 12pm Somewhere! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a mission as Jimmy

 Jackie's Got Talent (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase a Talent in the single player campaign

 Karma's a Bitch (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a shielded enemy with his own shield

 Mmmm Essence! (Bronze)
Objective: Pick up 5 Relics in the single player campaign

 One Man Army (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 25 enemies while being dragged from the restaurant, without dying or restarting checkpoint

 Ready for the Big Leagues (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies with thrown objects

 Romantic (Bronze)
Objective: Real guys know how to dance

 Skeet Shoot (Bronze)
Objective: Throw an enemy into the air and kill him with gunfire before he lands

 Suck it Up (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies with Black Hole while playing as Jackie

 Technical difficulties (Bronze)
Objective: Kill the NewsWatch 6 team of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens

 That's Why I'm the Boss (Bronze)
Objective: Impress Dolfo in two different ways

 The Bird is the Word (Bronze)
Objective: Avoid being run over in the parking garage

 The Old Gibber (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 enemies with Gun Channeling while playing as Jackie

 The Swarm King (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 50 enemies who are swarmed while playing as Jackie

 This Kid's Got Potential (Bronze)
Objective: Max out 1 of Jackie's Talent Trees

 Truly Talented (Bronze)
Objective: Max out 3 of Jackie's Talent Trees

 Versatile Killer (Bronze)
Objective: Kill enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds

 Voodoo is More Than Dolls (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a mission as JP

 Whipping Boy (Bronze)
Objective: Kill Frank Marshall

 Free the Mind (Silver)
Objective: Finish the game on any difficulty

 Relic Hunter (Silver)
Objective: Find all 29 Relics in the single player campaign

 Talent Show (Silver)
Objective: Max out all of Jackie's Talent Trees

 You've Made My Hit List (Silver)
Objective: Complete 6 Hit List exclusive missions

 At Home in the Dark (Gold)
Objective: Finish all chapters in New Game+ on any difficulty

 Don of Darkness (Gold)
Objective: Finish the game on Don difficulty

 The Brotherhood Crumbles (Gold)
Objective: Complete Vendettas Campaign

 Conquered the Darkness (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all trophies

 Secret Trophies

 Allies in Strange Places (Bronze)
Objective: Escape the asylum with help from the inside

 Back in the Saddle (Bronze)
Objective: Rescue Jackie from the Iron Maiden

 Cheque Please! (Bronze)
Objective: Survive the hit

 Date Night (Bronze)
Objective: Protect Jenny

 Decisions, Decisions (Bronze)
Objective: Refuse to cooperate with Victor in the Interrogation

 Escape the Brotherhood (Bronze)
Objective: Survive the interrogation

 I'm Just Getting Started (Bronze)
Objective: Find and interrogate Swifty

 One Flew Over... (Bronze)
Objective: Return to reality...?

 Step into Hell... (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat Victor

 Storm the Mansion (Bronze)
Objective: Take back your mansion

 Sweet Revenge (Bronze)
Objective: Avenge your Aunt Sarah

 Should Have Called 555-2368... (Silver)
Objective: Survive the battle against the Hell Beast


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