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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Cheat Codes:
Visit any Safe House and go into the Mission Replay Board (On the far right side of your Safe House), this is where you enter the cheats. The cheats are entered with the magnetic letters that are jumbled all over the board, arrange them in the specified letter combinations to unlock the equivelent cheats. (The letters will re-jumble when you've entered a correct code.)

JUMPDAYAdvance a day
JUMPHRAdvance an hour
JUMPHRSAdvance six hours
TRIPPYAll drug dealer locations
BOOMCANGives you An explosive-freakin'-pistol
CASHINGrants $10,000 extra cash.
COPOUTLowers your wanted level by 1 star.
COPINRaises your wanted level by 1 star.
SHELLYRefills your armor to full.
LIFEUPRefills your life to full.
LOADOAGrants weapon loadout A
LOADOBGrants weapon loadout B
LOADOCGrants weapon loadout C
LOADODGrants weapon loadout D


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