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Flick Baseball Pro

 10x Winner
Objective: Win 10 games.

 All Star
Objective: Hit 10 home runs.

 All Too Easy
Objective: Catch your first flyball in the mini-game.

Objective: Complete the pitching tutorial.

Objective: Make an error.

 Die Hard Fan
Objective: Win a world series in every season length.

 Don't Forget to
Objective: Write Hit your first home run.

 Double Play
Objective: Make a double play.

 Grand Slam
Objective: Hit a Grand Slam.

 Ground Rule Double
Objective: Hit a ground rule double.

 Head Held High
Objective: Lose your first game.

 It's Raining!
Objective: Catch 25 flyballs in the mini-game.

 Lucky Shot!
Objective: Get your first hit.

 Master Thief
Objective: Steal 10 bases.

Objective: Win 25 games.

 On A Roll
Objective: Win 3 games.

 Seasoned (11)
Objective: Complete an 11 game season.

 Seasoned (165)
Objective: Complete a 165 game season.

 Seasoned (33)
Objective: Complete a 33 game season.

 Seasoned (66)
Objective: Complete a 66 game season.

Objective: Complete the Batting tutorial.

Objective: Steal your first base,

Objective: Get 50 hits.

 Unnecessary Roughness
Objective: Hit 3 batters with a pitch in a single game.

Objective: Win your first game.

 World Champions
Objective: Win the playoffs.


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