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DOOM Classic
Console Commands
Make a 4-finger tap on the screen and the console will pop up. There, enter these codes. Beware, the codes are case-sensitive and the "Return" Key must be pressed after each one.

resetmapsDelete all player statistics and achievements
idclipEnter no clipping mode
idmyposShow player coordinates and heading
tntkaGain all 6 keys
idchoppersGain chain saw (cannot be toggled off)
idfaGet all weapons
idkfaGet all weapons and keys
iddqdGod mode
tntamobHave/remove backpack
tntweapHave/remove weapon (#=1-8 for different weapons)
tntemInsta-kill all enemies on map.
idbeholdhSet player's health to 200%
tntfastToggle "fast" mode for monsters on/off
idspispopdWalk through walls on/off
idbeholdsToggle owning of the Berserk Pack on/off
idbeholdiToggle owning of the Blur Artifact on/off
idbeholdiaToggle owning of the Computer Area Map item on/off
idbeholdvToggle owning of the Invulnerability Artifact on/off
idbeholdlToggle owning of the light-amplification visors on/off
idbeholdrToggle owning of the radiation suit on/off
idmus##Use music track ## (## is a number from 11 to 45)
idclev##Warp to map ## (first # is Episode 1-4, second # is map 1 to 9)


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