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Eliminate Pro

Objective: Get 10 kills.

Objective: Get 100 first place finishes.

Objective: Get 1,000 kills.

Objective: Get to level 50.

Objective: Reach Rank 85.

Objective: Play 500 games.

Objective: Play 1,000 games.

Objective: Get to level 15.

 Drone Eradication Expert
Objective: Destroy 50,000 battle drones in Co-Op Mode.

 Drone Hunter
Objective: Destroy 100 battle drones in Co-Op Mode.

 Drone Killing Specialist
Objective: Destroy 3,000 battles drones in Co-Op Mode.

Objective: Complete 1 round without dying.

Objective: Get 100 kills.

Objective: Get to level 30.

 Executive Chairman
Objective: Reach Rank 100.

 Executive Exterminator
Objective: Win 1,000 Co-Op games.

Objective: Win 1 Co-Op game.

Objective: Complete a match with no deaths using fully upgraded armor.

 Group President
Objective: Reach Rank 70.

Objective: Get 1,200 first place finishes.

Objective: Get 10,000 kills.

Objective: Play 2,000 games.

Objective: Get 500 first place finishes.

Objective: Complete a match using a fully upgraded weapon.

Objective: Get 10 first place finishes.

Objective: Place in the top ten of the global rankings.

 Senior Exterminator
Objective: Win 100 Co-Op games.

 Team Director
Objective: Play 1,000 Co-Op games.

 Team Leader
Objective: Play 100 Co-Op games.

 Team President
Objective: Play 10,000 Co-Op games.

Objective: Play 100 games.

Objective: Place first in the global skill leaderboard.


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