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Infinity Blade

 "Delved Too Deeply"
Objective: Reach Bloodline -10

 1 million dollars!
Objective: Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces.

 A Reed in the Wind
Objective: Perform 50 Parries.

 All good things...
Objective: Get the final ending of the game.

 All Right, Little Man
Objective: Perform a Combo Attack.

 Artful Dodger
Objective: Dodge 100 times.

 Back In My Day
Objective: Complete 5 Bloodlines.

 Bag of Holding
Objective: Increase your inventory by at least 50 items.

 Brick Wall
Objective: Block 100 attacks.

Objective: Block 10 attacks.

Objective: Win 10 matches in Arena Multiplayer

Objective: Reach level 5.

 Don't back down
Objective: Win a battle without dodging or blocking

 En Garde!
Objective: Perform 10 Parries.

Objective: Perform 1,000 Parries.

 Eye of the tiger
Objective: Survive 20 Arena rounds in Survivor mode

 Fists of Fury
Objective: Perform a five-hit combo.

 Four on the Floor
Objective: Perform a four-hit combo.

 Full of Holes
Objective: Perform 5 Stab Attacks.

 Hardly Working
Objective: Acquire 25,000 gold pieces.

 Higher and higher
Objective: Reach level 45

 How'd you do that
Objective: Reach Bloodline -1

 If Ya Got It, Use It
Objective: Master an inventory item.

Objective: Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.

 Insult to Injury
Objective: Kill the God King with Ruin (the weakest sword)

 Intimately Familiar
Objective: Master 50 inventory items.

 Its Own Reward
Objective: Acquire 100,000 gold pieces.

Objective: Open 100 treasure chests.

 Keeps on giving
Objective: Master any inventory item twice.

 Knight destroyer
Objective: Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Titan

 Last One Standing
Objective: Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.

 Level un-capped
Objective: Reach level 100

 Like Dustin' Crops
Objective: Reach level 20.

 Like Swiss Cheese
Objective: Perform 100 Stab Attacks.

 Master of Disaster
Objective: Master 10 inventory items.

 Master your domain
Objective: Defeat all the Deathless.

Objective: Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds.

 My preciouses
Objective: Increase your inventory to at least 100 items.

 New game plus
Objective: Start a new game plus.

 No, THIS Is Sparta
Objective: Perform 50 Super Attacks.

 Not in Kansas
Objective: Get the alternate ending in the game(select God King during battle with him)

 Now Stay Down!
Objective: Defeat the God-King.

 Now THIS Happens
Objective: Perform 50 Combo Attacks.

 Only What Ya See
Objective: Purchase an inventory item.

Objective: Open 5 treasure chests.

 Pen is mightier
Objective: Win a battle without swinging your sword.

 Playing with friends
Objective: Complete 5 matches in Arena Multiplayer

 Prodigal Son
Objective: Complete 1 Bloodline.

 Roger Dodger
Objective: Dodge 10 times.

 Skips a Generation
Objective: Complete 2 Bloodlines.

Objective: Survive 5 Arena rounds in Survivor mode

 The Bigger They Are
Objective: Perform 200 Combo Attacks.

 The Harder They Fall
Objective: Perform 1,000 Combo Attacks.

 There Is No Try
Objective: Reach level 10.

 This Is On A Phone!
Objective: Complete 20 Bloodlines.

 Titan destroyer
Objective: Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Knight

 Variety is the Spice
Objective: Do each type of Combo in the same battle.

 Warriors Only
Objective: Perform a Super Attack.

 Waste Not Want Not
Objective: Find all world treasures in a play-through.

Objective: Increase your inventory by at least 10 items.

Objective: Cast a magic spell.

 Working Hard
Objective: Acquire 1,000 gold pieces.

 You Got the Touch
Objective: Perform 200 Parries.

 You Shall Not Pass!
Objective: Cast 100 magic spells.


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