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Doodle God

 Brilliant Inventor
Objective: Episode one passed without hints

 Creator of Civilization
Objective: Episode One passed

 Creator of Diversity
Objective: 10 groups created

 Creator of Humanity
Objective: Human created

 Creator of Life
Objective: Life created

 Creator of Magic
Objective: Episode Four passed

 Creator of Modernity
Objective: Episode Three passed

 Creator of Technology
Objective: Episode Two passed

 Deity of Darkness
Objective: All Bad things created

 Doodle Bar
Objective: All drinks created

 God of Fun
Objective: Games created

 Good Start
Objective: 6 elements created

 Half the Kingdom
Objective: Save the Princess quest passed

 Honorable Santa
Objective: Run, Santa, run quest completed

 Master of the Worlds
Objective: All episodes passed without hints

 Practice Makes Prefect
Objective: Element created 3 or more times

Objective: Review written

 Similar to Similar
Objective: Similar elements reacted


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