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Temple Run

 1/2 Million Club
Objective: Score 500,000 points

 1/4 Million Club
Objective: Scored 250,000 points

 10K Runner
Objective: Run 10,000 meters

 5K Runner
Objective: Run 5,000 meters

Objective: Scored 25,000 points

 Allergic to Gold
Objective: Run 1,000m without collecting any coins

Objective: Ran 2,500 meters

 Double Resurrection
Objective: Resurrect twice in one run

 Head Start
Objective: Use a Head Start

 High Roller
Objective: Scored 100,000 points

 Lump Sum
Objective: Collected 500 coins

 Mega Bonus
Objective: Filled the bonus meter 4x

 Million Club
Objective: Score 1,000,000 points

 Miser Run
Objective: Run 500m without collecting any coins

 Money Bags
Objective: Collected 1,000 coins

 Novice Runner
Objective: Ran 500 meters

Objective: Collected 750 coins

 Piggy Bank
Objective: Collected 250 coins

 Pocket Change
Objective: Collected 100 coins

Objective: Resurrect after dying

Objective: Ran 1,000 meters

 Treasure Hunter
Objective: Scored 50,000 points


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