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Amateur HunterAGI+1 INT+1, Kill at least 50 monsters
Amateur SpecialistCRI+2 EVA+2, Complete 10 subquests
Aspiring WarriorStr+3 Agl+3, Achieve Level 10
BeggarAGI+1 VIT+1, Obtain at least 100 gold from hunting.
BillionaireAGI+11 VIT+11, Obtain at least 5000 gold from hunting
BlacksmithHIT+2 EVA+2, Craft at least 10 times
ButcherAGI+7 INT+7, Kill at least 500 monsters
CommonerAGI+3 VIT+3, Obtain at least 200 gold from hunting
Errand RunnerCRI+1 EVA+1, Complete 5 subquests
Expert BlacksmithHIT+3 EVA+3, Craft at least 20 times
Expert KillerAGI+9 INT+9, Kill at least 1000 monsters
expert SpecialistCRI+3 EVA+3, Complete 20 subquests
God of MoneyAGI+15 VIT+15, Obtain at least 10000 gold from hunting
God of QuestsCRI+8 EVA+8, Complete 60 subquests
HerculesStr+9 Agl+9, Achieve Level 60
HeroStr+5 Agl+5, Achieve Level 20
Legendary WarriorStr+15 Agl+15, Achieve Level 99
Master SpecialistCRI+5 EVA+5, Complete 40 subquests
Middle ClassAGI+5 VIT+5, Obtain at least 500 gold from hunting
MillionaireAGI+9 VIT+9, Obtain at least 2000 gold from hunting
Newbie BlacksmithHIT+1 EVA+1, Craft at least 5 times
NoviceStr+1 Agl+1, Achieve Level 5
Reputed WarriorStr+7 Agl+7, Achieve Level 40
RichAGI+7 VIT+7, Obtain at least 1000 gold from hunting
SlaterAGI+5 INT+5, Kill at least 200 monsters
Super HeroStr+11 Agl+11, Achieve Level 80
Supreme SpecialistCRI+6 EVA+6, Complete 50 subquests
Ultimate SlayerAGI+11 INT+11, Kill at least 2000 monsters
Veteran HunterAGI+3 INT+3, Kill at least 100 monsters
Veteran SpecialistCRI+4 EVA+4, Complete 30 subquests

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