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Rat On A Skateboard

 Banana Hotshot
Objective: Score high in Banana Harbor mode

 Completed 40
Objective: Complete 40 challenges

Objective: Stomp on more items

 Handrail Glider
Objective: +10 point grind performed

 Hobby Collector
Objective: 10 items picked

 Jumping Rat
Objective: 50 jumps performed

Objective: 100 flips performed

 King of the Ollie
Objective: 10,000 jumps performed

 Magic Flipper
Objective: 5,000 flips performed

 Master Flipper
Objective: 3 master flips performed in one level

 Obsessed Collector
Objective: 2,500 items picked

 Ollie Master
Objective: 1,000 jumps performed

 Power Hotshot
Objective: 200 points in Power Stunts mode

 Quick Flipper
Objective: 5 triple flips performed in one level

 Rail Grinder
Objective: 50 grinds performed

 Serious Collector
Objective: 500 items picked

Objective: +14 point stunt performed

 Stunt Double
Objective: 10 stunts performed

 Stunt Performer
Objective: 250 stunts performed

 The Grinder
Objective: 500 grinds performed

 Three-starred 40
Objective: Get three stars in 40 challenges

Objective: 20 items stomped


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