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 10 Prisms
Objective: Find 10 Prisms.

 100 Prisms
Objective: Find 100 Prisms.

 250 Prisms.
Objective: Find 250 Prisms.

 50 Prisms
Objective: Find 50 Prisms.

 500 Prisms.
Objective: Find 500 Prisms.

 Edge Master
Objective: Get S+ rank on all levels.

 Edge Time 30
Objective: Hang on the edge for 30 seconds.

 Edge Time 60
Objective: Hang on the edge for 60 seconds.

 Edge Tine 10
Objective: Hang on the edge for 10 seconds.

 Level 45 Earthquake
Objective: Beat Level 45 Earthquake.

 Level Edge Time
Objective: Beat Level 18 Edge Time.

Objective: Click on the Mobigames link.

 Super Plus x10
Objective: Get ten rank S+.

 Super Plus x25
Objective: Get twenty five rank S+.

 Super Plus x3
Objective: Get three rank S+.

 Super x3
Objective: Get three S ranks.


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