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Final Fantasy
Battle Escape Glitch
When you are in a battle that you are bound to lose, you can press the home button on your device, then start up Final Fantasy again. Tap resume on the main menu and you should be at the same place as you were when you started the battle, but now with all the items and health you had before the battle.

15 Puzzle minigame
When you've gotten the ship, get in it and hold one finger on the touch screen (Not the Directional Pad). Tap 23 times anywhere else on the screen to begin the classic 15 puzzle game. Unlockables:

To have to.
Earthgift ShrineDefeat Lich in the Cavern of Earth
Hellfire ChasmDefeat Marilith in the Mount Gulg
Labyrinth of TimeDefeat Lich, Marilith, Kraken, and Tiamat. Visit Chaos Shrine to unlock
Lifespring GrottoDefeat Kraken in the Sunken Shrine
Whisperwind CoveDefeat Tiamat in the Flying Fortress


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