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PlayStation 3

 Alone in the Dark (Bronze)
Objective: Beneath the arthropod

 Altitude is Attitude (Bronze)
Objective: Exploration off the ground

 Backtracking (Bronze)
Objective: Ride the crates

 Climbing the Cog (Bronze)
Objective: Don't pull the lever just because you can

 Guided by Sparks (Bronze)
Objective: The crate is key

 It's Stuck (Bronze)
Objective: Prepare a dry landing

 Under Ground (Bronze)
Objective: Vertical passageway

 Urban Exploration (Bronze)
Objective: Involves heavy lifting

 Wrong Way (Bronze)
Objective: That's not right

 Going Up (Silver)
Objective: Don't let gravity keep you down

 No Point in Dying (Silver)
Objective: Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths

 Where Credit is Due (Silver)
Objective: Perseverance has its own reward

 Secret Trophies

 DING! (Gold)
Objective: Running off will get you nowhere


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