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Buster Red

 100x Combo
Objective: Get a 100x Combo.

 200X Combo
Objective: Get a 200X Combo

 20x Combo
Objective: Get a 20x Combo.

 300x Combo
Objective: Get a 300X combo.

 50x Combo
Objective: Get a 50x Combo.

 600x Combo
Objective: Get a 600X Multiplier.

 Bats In-A-Row
Objective: Kill 30 bats in a row (without killing any other type of enemy)

 Beat Normal
Objective: Beat normal.

 Blipbloop Avenger
Objective: Beat the regular campaign on Nightmare using blipbloop.

 Boss Rush X1
Objective: Pass the first iteration of boss rush.

 Boss Rush X2
Objective: Pass the second iteration of boss rush.

 Buster Combo
Objective: Use 4 busters in a row.

 Cross Killer
Objective: Destroy 2000 crosses.

 De-cross Boss
Objective: Kill 4 cross bosses in one session.

Objective: Beat elite campaign on normal.

 Elite Nightmare
Objective: Beat elite campaign on nightmare.

 Grand Master
Objective: Beat the elite campaign on Nightmare x2 (Requires beating nightmare twice in single playthrough -autosave is ok)

 Lightning Strike Major
Objective: Hit 30 enemies simultaneously with the lightning buster.

 Lightning Strikes Minor
Objective: Hit 10 enemies with the lightning buster.

 Look ma no shields
Objective: Beat 5 levels without losing a shield.

 Nightmare Avenger
Objective: Beat nightmare.

 No Busters
Objective: Beat 10 levels without using a single Buster powerup.

 True Perfection
Objective: Beat the final level of elite without getting hit once.


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