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Brutal Fantasy - The Orcs of Undermountain

Objective: Buy the bastard two handed axe

Objective: Beat days 6-10

Objective: Defeat the orc behemoth

 Blood red
Objective: Kill a red orc

 Blue guard
Objective: Complete the third bonus stage

Objective: Complete the first bonus stage

 Eat your brains
Objective: Kill a zombie

 Forever in your service
Objective: Save princess Graena

 Home sweet home
Objective: Beat days 1-5

Objective: Defeat an orc marauder

Objective: Kill a necromancer

 Reclaim the throne
Objective: Beat days 16-20

 Service with a smirk
Objective: Complete the fourth bonus stage

 Sexy Orc
Objective: Complete the second bonus stage

 Twinkle twinkle
Objective: Beat days 11-15


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