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Aqua Slots Extreme

 1 Million Credits
Objective: Accumulate 1 Million Credits!.

 5 Shells
Objective: Win with 5 Shells on any line.

 Big Clam
Objective: Win the top prize on the Clam Climb.

 Big Fish
Objective: Reach $500,000 Credits.

 Cash Magnet
Objective: Win more than $5000 Credits on one spin of the reels.

 Five WILD Line
Objective: Win with five WILD symbols on any line.

Objective: Win a 5 Starfish Jackpot payout.

 Slots Legend
Objective: Become an Aqua Slots Extreme legend by accumulating 10 Million Credits or more!.

 Star Fish
Objective: Win credits with the Star Fish symbol in the Tropical Treasure mini-game.

 Win $1000
Objective: Accumulate 1000 Credits


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