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Angry Birds
Unlock Golden Egg Levels:

To have to:
Golden Egg 01Get 3 stars in every level worlds 4-5
Golden Egg 02In the level select screen, tap the sun
Golden Egg 03Watch the credits, tap the Golden Egg at the very end
Golden Egg 04Within any level, go to the help screen. Tap the egg at the end
Golden Egg 05In Level 1-8, tap the unreachable chest
Golden Egg 06In Level 2-2, break the beach ball
Golden Egg 07In Level 4-7,tap the egg at the very top right of the map (zoom out)
Golden Egg 08In Level 5-19, it's hiding on the top right of the left tower
Golden Egg 09In Level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon
Golden Egg 10On level 6-14 pop the yellow balloon in the lower right corner
Golden Egg 11On theme 8's level page, swipe your finger right to left to reveal a golden egg where theme 9 would be
Golden Egg 12Get 3 stars for every level in "Danger Above" (themes 6-8)
Golden Egg 13On level 8-15 break the boxes in the far left corner
Golden Egg 14On level 9-14 fire the boomerang bird at the hat on the far right side of the screen on the small cliff.
Golden Egg 15On level 10-3, smash the rubber ducky
Golden Egg 16On level 11-15, zoom out completely to see the egg in the bottom left corner. Use the boomerang bird fired backwards.
Golden Egg 17Get 3 stars in all levels on The Big Setup.
Golden Egg 18On 15-12, Zoom out and shoot a Yellow bird at the top right corner of the screen
Sound BoardGet 3 stars in every level worlds 1-3


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