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Babylonian Twins HD

 Ensi (Town King)
Objective: Find Ensi (Town King) treasure

 King of the Four Quarters
Objective: Find the King of the Four Quarters treasure

 Prison Escape
Objective: Complete all prison levels

 The Ancient Law-Giver
Objective: Find the Ancient Law-Giver treasure

 The Assyrian Warriors
Objective: Complete all the Assyrian Palace levels

 The Babylonian Princess
Objective: Complete all the Tower of Babylon levels

 The Gift List
Objective: Find the Gift List treasure

 The Goat
Objective: Find the Goat treasure

 The Holy Gardens
Objective: Complete all the Holy Gardens levels

 The Old Neighbourhood Level
Objective: Unlock The Old Neighbourhood Level by finishing the Endless Loop level with maximum number of points and lives

 The Peace Panel
Objective: Find The Peace Panel Treasure

 The People's Heroes
Objective: Complete all the Procession street levels

 The Square Temple Statue
Objective: Find the The Square Temple Statue treasure

 The Striding Lions Level
Objective: Unlock the Striding Lions bonus level by finishing the Ruined Palace level with maximum points in the shortest time possible

 The War Panel Treasure
Objective: Find the War Panel treasure


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