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Create A Mall

 Arcade Mania
Objective: Build 10 arcades.

Objective: Build 50 Book Stores

Objective: Explore the entire Capitolville to earn this!

Objective: Explore the entire Centropolis to earn this!

 Credit Collector
Objective: Accumulate 15 store credits in Kelly's Office

 Danger Free
Objective: Introduce 5 Security Enhancements

 Dress Designer
Objective: Build 100 Clothing Stores

 Fashion Mania
Objective: Dress up Kelly with 5 different fashionable outfits.

 Final Challenge
Objective: Explore the entire Final Challenge to earn this!

 Foodie Doodie
Objective: Build 50 Restaurants

 Go Bowling
Objective: Build 4 Bowling Alleys

 Gold Souk
Objective: Build 100 Jewelry Stores.

Objective: Build 50 Info Centers

Objective: Explore the entire Littleville to earn this!

 Movie Buff
Objective: Build 10 Movie Theaters

 Scent Descent
Objective: Build 100 Perfume Stores

 Shoe Maker
Objective: Build 100 Shoe Stores.

Objective: Explore the entire Smalltown to earn this!

Objective: Build 10 Computer Stores.

Objective: Build 8 Music Stores

Objective: Build 50 Toy Stores

 Trophy 1
Objective: Win all three medals in Tutotown to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 2
Objective: Win all six medals in Littleville to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 3
Objective: Win all six medals in Smalltown to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 4
Objective: Win all six medals in Centropolis to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 5
Objective: Win all six medals in Capitolville to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 6
Objective: Win all three medals in the Final Challenge to earn this trophy!

 Trophy 7
Objective: Purchase all decorations for your office to earn the golden Decorator trophy!

 Trophy 8
Objective: Shop in your mall's stores to earn the golden Ultimate Shopper trophy!

 Trophy 9
Objective: Purchase all clothing and accessories to earn the golden Clothes Shopper trophy!

Objective: Explore the entire Tutotown to earn this!

 Twitter Freak
Objective: Tweet 100 scores.

Objective: Build 2 Department Stores


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