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Blast 4

 All your Base
Objective: Get 1000 points

Objective: Blow up 5 boxes in one explosion

Objective: Win 500 games

Objective: Blow up 6 boxes from one explosion

Objective: Lose 50 games

 Daisy Cutter
Objective: Go from 0 points to wining the game in one move

Objective: Win 250 games

 Fat Man
Objective: Win without letting the other player get any points

Objective: Win 10 games

 For the Motherland
Objective: Get 500 points

Objective: Win 100 games

Objective: Win 1 game

Objective: Lose 500 games

 Little Boy
Objective: Lose a game with no points

Objective: Win 25 games

 Mass Destruction
Objective: Get 50 points

Objective: Win 1000 games

Objective: Blow up 7 boxes from one explosion

Objective: Lose 250 games

Objective: Lose 100 games

 Roman Candle
Objective: Win 50 games

Objective: Lose 25 games

 Shock and Awe
Objective: Get 250 points

Objective: Lose 10 games

 Stink Bomb
Objective: Lose 1 games

 Suicide Bomber
Objective: Make a move that causes your opponent to win

Objective: Get 1 point in a game

 Tsar Bomba
Objective: Lose 1000 games


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