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Epic War TD

 Arms Dealer
Objective: Earn 500,000 dollars on prohibited weapon deals

Objective: You earned 5,000 dollars and you don't beg for money any more

Objective: Deal 1,000,000 damage to become Combatant

Objective: Deal 5,000,000 damage to become Commander

 Defense Apprentice
Objective: Win game on Easy and let no enemies escape

 Defense Magister
Objective: Win game on Hard and let no enemies escape

 Defense Master
Objective: Win game on Normal and let no enemies escape

Objective: Deal 10,000,000 damage to become General

 King of Defense
Objective: Win game on Insane and let no enemies escape

Objective: Earn 1,000,000 dollars to become a Moneybag

Objective: Earn 100,000 dollars

Objective: You earned 10,000 dollars and you are Poor now

Objective: You dealt 10,000 damage and you are now Rookie

 Soldier of Fortune
Objective: Earn 5,000,000 dollars to make a fortune

 Still Poor
Objective: Earn 50,000 dollars

 Still Rookie
Objective: You dealt 100,000 damage but you are still Rookie

 Unholy Devastator
Objective: Deal 50,000,000 damage to become Unholy Devastator

 War General
Objective: Deal 25,000,000 damage to become War General


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