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Angry Birds

 Angry Birds Addict
Objective: Play Angry Birds for 30 hours.

 Angry Birds Fan
Objective: Play Angry Birds for 5 hours.

 Backward Compatibiliy
Objective: Shoot 10 birds in the wrong direction

 Bird Slinger
Objective: Shoot 5,000 birds.

 Block Smasher
Objective: Smash 50,000 blocks.

 Defeat The King
Objective: Finish World 3.

 Egg Cracker
Objective: Get 10 golden egg stars.

 Egg Hunter
Objective: Find 10 golden eggs.

 Episode 1 - Score Addict
Objective: Episode 1: Get 4,000,000 points.

 Episode 1 - Total Destruction
Objective: Episode 1: Get three stars in all levels.

 Episode 2 - Score Addict
Objective: Episode 2: Get 3,300,000 points.

 Episode 2 - Total Destruction
Objective: Episode 2: Get three stars in all levels.

 Episode 3 - Score Addict
Objective: Episode 3: Get 4,800,000 points.

 Episode 3 - Total Destruction
Objective: Episode 3: Get three stars in all levels.

 Episode 4 - Score Addict
Objective: Episode 4: Get 3,900,000 points.

 Episode 4 - Total Destruction
Objective: Episode 4: Get three stars in all levels.

 Green Baron
Objective: Finish World 8.

 Hardhat Hidalgo
Objective: Finish World 9.

 Herr Helmet
Objective: Finish World 1.

 Hovering Helmet
Objective: Finish World 6.

Objective: Smash 5,000 ice blocks.

 Mason Moustache
Objective: Finish World 10.

 Mounting Moustache
Objective: Finish World 7.

 Mr. Moustache
Objective: Finish World 2.

 Pig Popper
Objective: Smash 1,000 pigs.

 Royal Ringleader
Objective: Finish World 11.

 Smash Maniac
Objective: Smash 500,000 blocks.

 Star Collector
Objective: Get 750 Stars.

 Star Gatherer
Objective: Get 1500 Stars.

Objective: Smash 5,000 stone blocks.

 The Imposter
Objective: Finish World 4.

 The Mysterious Escape
Objective: Finish World 5.

 True Angry Birds Fan
Objective: Play Angry Birds for 15 hours.

Objective: Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.


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