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Alien Breed: Impact

Born to Kill
Objective: Killed a total of 25 aliens in single player

Killing Spree
Objective: Killed 20 aliens in 30 seconds

Elite Force
Objective: Killed 50 aliens in a row without taking any damage

Campaign Veteran
Objective: Single player completed

Break Out The Arsenal
Objective: Used all weapons and items in the game

Knowledge Is Power
Objective: Picked up 100% of the logs

Team Veteran
Objective: Complete "Hydroponics" in Co-op Assault

No Stone Unturned
Objective: Found all secret collectibles

Fighting Light
Objective: Finished a single player level without using any items

Hard To Kill
Objective: Finished CO-OP Assault level 1,2 or 3 with no player losing a life

Aint Got Time To Bleed
Objective: Finished 'Interface' single player level without using any health packs

Against The Odds
Objective: Completed the Single Player game on Elite difficulty


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