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Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
PlayStation 3

 All Dressed Up... (Bronze)
Objective: Level up an armor completely

 Amateur Ant Killer (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 Ants

 Bedside Manner (Bronze)
Objective: Revive 250 teammates

 Campaigner (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock all Armors

 Collateral (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 500 world objects

 Daddy WarBugs (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all weapons for all armors

 Demolition Derby (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 500 cars/vehicles

 Eyes Up! (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 10 Carriers

 Gunship Down (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 1000 Gunships

 Hangin' Tough (Bronze)
Objective: Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode

 Hector? What? (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 Small Hectors

 Helping Hand Award (Bronze)
Objective: Revive a teammate

 High Roller (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase all available weapons for a single armor

 I Heard Them Scream... (Bronze)
Objective: Get 500 kills with the Tank

 It's a Bomber (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 Bomber Spiders

 It's a Start (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 100 Gunships

 Lander Commander (Bronze)
Objective: Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret

 Lemon Squeezy (Bronze)
Objective: Beat the game on Normal

 Lifer (Bronze)
Objective: Level up all armors completely

 Look What the Rookie Did! (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 5000 enemies

 Mechs Master (Bronze)
Objective: Get 500 kills with the Mech

 Nesting Instinct (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests

 Newb (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 Spiders

 Nothing Turret (Bronze)
Objective: Get 500 kills with Base Turrets

 Scavenger (Bronze)
Objective: Collect All Dropped Weapons

 Smells Like Team Spirit! (Bronze)
Objective: Incapcitate a teammate

 Social Dead Butterfly (Bronze)
Objective: Get 10000 kills in Survival mode

 Survive-O-Rama (Bronze)
Objective: Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode

 Surviving... (Bronze)
Objective: Get 1000 kills in Survival mode

 The Architect (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 500 buildings

 The Sting's the Thing (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 Wasps

 Tick Picker (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 100 Ticks

 Welcome to the EDF (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 1000 Ants

 Ant Farmer (Silver)
Objective: Kill 10000 Ants

 Carrier Dropper (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 100 Carriers

 Fleet Depleter (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 10000 Gunships

 Good Start (Silver)
Objective: Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in one session

 Hector Wrecker (Silver)
Objective: Kill 100 Small Hectors

 Homewrecker (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests

 Spider Fighter (Silver)
Objective: Kill 10000 Spiders

 Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop (Silver)
Objective: Kill 5000 Ticks

 War Against Soaring Pests Award (Silver)
Objective: Kill 100 Wasps

 Who Ravages the Ravagers? (Silver)
Objective: Kill 25000 Enemies

 EDF! EDF! (Platinum)
Objective: Earn all Trophies in the game

 Secret Trophies

 Hectorcide (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Large Hector

 Manticide (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Mantis

 Patricide (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Daddy Long Legs

 Regicide (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a Queen Ant

 Chopper's Choice (Silver)
Objective: Beat the game on Hard

 Manticore (Silver)
Objective: Kill 10 Mantises

 Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe (Gold)
Objective: Beat the game on Inferno Dante?


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