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Galactic Dream: Rage of War
Cheat Codes:
To use the cheats press Enter, type the code, then hit Enter again.

warp ten
Instant creation of new units/buildings, except for those already in construction;

food for all
No further supply creation is required;

give money
You get 10.000 credits;

spawn player [number]
Provides Starbase and starting units to a defeated player;

god like
Gives you units, three for each unit class;

let battle be
One unit per class to each player in the game;

Gives lots of units to everyone in the game. 4 units for each class to all players;

giveships [number]
Creates specific units. Numbers: 0-16 for Terran, 32-48 for Argo;

giveshipsall [number]
Gives specific units to everybody. Numbers: 0-16 for Terran, 32-48 for Argo;

failure not an option
Player wins current game session / mission;

Players loses current game session / mission;

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