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Mount & Blade: Warband

Get up Stand up
Objective: Cleanse the town of bandits in the opening mission.

Good Samaritan
Objective: Help a lord or party win a fight.

Talking helps
Objective: Engage in a conversation with a hero character through the party screen.

Abundant Feast
Objective: Eat 6 different types food concurrently.

Migrating Coconuts
Objective: Visit every major town in Calradia.

Medieval Times
Objective: Enter and win a tournament.

Morale Leader
Objective: Raise your soldiers' morale from low to excellent.

Sold into Slavery
Objective: Sell 5 people to the ransom broker.

Old dirty scoundrel
Objective: Have a -50 relation with a lord, village, or faction.

Royality Payment
Objective: Be granted your first fief.

Holy Diver
Objective: Kill or wound at least 500 enemies.

Sarranidian Nights
Objective: Camp in the Sarranid region of the map.

Force of Nature
Objective: You and your army have killed or wounded 5,000 enemy troops.

Help Help I'm being Repressed
Objective: Harass wondering peasants on the map.

Community Service
Objective: Install and play one mod.

Might makes Right
Objective: Get either two strength related skills to 5 or one to 7.

Best served cold
Objective: Defeat 10 enemy parties in the snowy regions of Calradia.

None Shall Pass
Objective: Successfully defend a castle.

Every breath you take
Objective: (MP) In any multiplayer mode have more kills than deaths.

Pugnascious D
Objective: Pick a fight with a lord by insulting him or by challenging him to a duel.

Trick Shot
Objective: Land a shot with a difficulty of 10 while using a bow and arrow.

This is our land
Objective: (MP) Your team successfully defended a castle in siege battle mode.

Book Worm
Objective: Finish reading one book through the camping screen.

Look at the Bones!
Objective: Face off against 100 enemies using custom battle mode.

Old school Sniper
Objective: Land a shot with a difficulty of 6 while using a crossbow.

Objective: Kill 75 enemies with horse archery.

The Bandit
Objective: Raid 3 caravans and raid 3 villages.

Medieval Emlak
Objective: Become the owner of at least 5 fiefs.

Choppy Chop Chop
Objective: (MP) Slay 50 foes with slashing weapons.

Art of War
Objective: Have two of the following skills at a 5; Trainer, Tactics, Leadership, or Persuasion.

Glorious Mother Faction
Objective: (MP) Win a round of team deathmatch mode.

Melee Master
Objective: Make one of your melee weapon skills 250.

Last man standing
Objective: (MP) Win one round in battle mode.

Man Eater
Objective: Kill 50 men as a female character.

Happily ever after
Objective: Get Married.

Agile Warrior
Objective: Get either two agility related skills to 5 or one to 7.

Calradian Tea Party
Objective: Make your own faction.

Mountain Blade
Objective: Kill 10 parties of Mountain Bandits.

Got Milk?
Objective: Steal 3 cattle from a single village.

Calradian Army Knife
Objective: Kill 10 enemies with a throwing weapon's secondary function.

Gold Farmer
Objective: Amass a fortune of 100,000 denars.

Dexterous Dastard
Objective: Make one of your ranged weapon skills 250.

Autonomous Collective
Objective: Be chosen as marshall.

Mind on the Money
Objective: Have two of the following skills at a 5; Looting, Inventory Management, Trade, or Prisoner Management.

Objective: As a female character get into a duel with male lord by insulting him.

Bring out your Dead
Objective: Get one of your healing skills to 5.

Knights of the Round
Objective: Recruit 6 hero characters.

Concilio Calradi
Objective: As a ruler have 3 vassals.

I dub thee
Objective: Promote one of your followers into a position of power.

Shish Kebab
Objective: (MP) Perform 25 lance kills while mounted.

Trojan Bunny Maker
Objective: Get the engineering skill up to 5.

Romantic Warrior
Objective: Learn 3 poems from tavern bards.

Elite Warrior
Objective: (MP) Win a round of deathmatch mode.

Victum Sequens
Objective: As a ruler conquer 10 towns or castles.

Objective: Land a shot with a difficulty of 5 while using a throwing weapon.

The Holy Hand Grenade
Objective: Kill 75 enemies with throwing weapons.

The Ranger
Objective: Have a 7 in one of the following skills or a 5 in two; Tracking, Path-finding, or Spotting.

Mace in yer Face!
Objective: (MP) Kill 25 foes with a blunt weapon.

Spoil the charge
Objective: (MP) Kill 50 cavalry while on foot, the enemy must be killed while mounted.

Heart Breaker
Objective: Get a character to elope.

Throwing Star
Objective: (MP) Kill 25 people with throwing weapons.

Baron got back
Objective: Win a battle against a lord or party who previously beat or captured you.

Ruin the Raid
Objective: (MP) Win in Conquest mode.

Svarog the Mighty
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Might Makes Right, Choppy Chop Chop, Glorious Mother Faction, and Old school Sniper.

Objective: Put a pretender on their rightful throne.

King Arthur
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Melee Master, Knights of the Round, Every breath you take, I dub thee/Good Samaritan.

Legendary Rastam
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Abudant Feast, Mace in yer Face!, Sarranidian Nights, and Art of War/Melee Master.

The Huscarl
Objective: (MP) Kill 50 foes with throwing axes.

Iron Bear
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Mace in yer Face!, Spoil the Charge, Agile Warrior, and This is our land.

Harassing Horseman
Objective: (MP) Kill 100 people with mounted projectiles.

The Golden Throne
Objective: Rule all of Calradia!

Manifest Destiny
Objective: Assist your faction in conquering Calradia.

Son of Odin
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Might makes Right, The Huscarl, Melee Master/Dexterous Dastard, and Holy Diver/Elite Warrior.

Kassai Master
Objective: You have completed the following achievements: Trick Shot, Khaaan!, Agile Warrior, and Harassing Horseman.


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