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Back to the Future Ep. 4: Double Visions
PlayStation 3

 A Not-So-Beautiful Mind (Bronze)
Objective: Crafted a Mind Map of Emmett that Reveals him to be a 'Degenerate Criminal.'

 An Uncomfortable Truth (Bronze)
Objective: Emmett is Prophetically Honest About his Marriage Prospects.

 Edna Was Right! (Bronze)
Objective: Revealed Hill Valley Hooliganism Rate

 Let Them Eat, Um, Cake (Bronze)
Objective: Offered Algae Cakes to Everyone

 Like a Not-So-Fine Wine (Bronze)
Objective: Messed with Emmett's Cleanser.

 The Other Woman (Bronze)
Objective: Got Trixie to Make Edna Jealous

 The Power of Love? (Bronze)
Objective: Escaped from Marty's Cell.

 There's a Moose? (Bronze)
Objective: Get a Good Look at Trixie's Postcard

 Timely Traveller (Bronze)
Objective: Take the Fewest Possible Trips to Emmett's Lab

 Breaking Up is Hard to Do (Silver)
Objective: Broke up Emmett and Edna.

 Free Citizen Brown! (Silver)
Objective: Rescued Citizen Brown from the Citizen Plus Program.

 Your Own Personal Frankenstein (Silver)
Objective: Gave Emmett his Epiphany.

 To the Expo! (Gold)
Objective: Marty and Emmett head to the Expo.


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