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Mafia II

Viva la Resistenza!
Objective: Complete Chapter 1.

Big Brother
Objective: Protect Francesca.

Back in Business
Objective: Do your first job for Mike Bruski.

Home Sweet Home
Objective: Complete Chapter 2.

He Who Pays the Barber
Objective: Improve the dockworkers' hair cuts.

The Enforcer
Objective: Kill 50 street gangsters.

Collector's Item
Objective: Find at least one collectible in the game.

Tuned Ride
Objective: Upgrade one of your cars one level.

The Price of Oil
Objective: Complete Chapter 3.

Night Shift
Objective: Complete Chapter 4.

Good Spirits
Objective: Complete Chapter 5.

A Lesson in Manners
Objective: Show you know how to talk to a hooker.

Time Well Spent
Objective: Complete Chapter 6.

Last Respects
Objective: Complete Chapter 7.

Get Rich or Die Flyin'
Objective: Keep a vehicle in the air for over 5 seconds

The Wild Ones
Objective: Complete Chapter 8.

Man of Honor
Objective: Complete Chapter 9.

Hey Joe
Objective: Clean up after Joe.

Checking Out
Objective: Complete Chapter 10.

Our Good Friend
Objective: Complete Chapter 11.

Chop Chop!
Objective: Complete Chapter 13.

Chasing the Dragon
Objective: Complete Chapter 12.

The Mafia Never Forgets
Objective: Pay a visit to an old friend.

Out for Justice
Objective: Learn what it means to be a Scaletta.

Men at Work
Objective: Complete Chapter 14.

Finish Him
Objective: Finish what you started.

Mail Man
Objective: Sell all the gas stamps before the time runs out.

End of the Rainbow
Objective: Settle the score with Irish once and for all.

Dream Handling
Objective: Upgrade one of your cars to the maximum level.

Sharp Suiter
Objective: Buy your first luxury suit.

Proper Scrapper
Objective: Sell 5 vehicles to Mike Bruski at the scrapyard.

Made Man
Objective: Finish the story on Medium difficulty level or higher.

Objective: Kill 5 enemies in rapid succession with a headshot.

The Professional
Objective: Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm.

Objective: Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks.

Pedal to the Metal
Objective: Travel at 125 mph.

Petrol Head
Objective: Drive at least 30 different vehicles.

Stuck Up
Objective: Rob 5 stores in under 5 minutes.

A Real Gentleman
Objective: Help the woman fix her car in Home Sweet Home.

First Step
Objective: Complete your first mission in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Wake Up Call
Objective: Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught.

Tough Nut
Objective: Finish the story on Hard difficulty level.

Hard to Kill
Objective: The police want you dead. Survive for 10 minutes!

What Witness?
Objective: Finish the Witness level in "Joe's Adventures."

Faster than Light
Objective: Achieve a 10x point multiplier in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Dockyard Discord
Objective: Finish the Connection level in "Joe's Adventures."

Sharp Shooter
Objective: Kill 100 enemies by headshots in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Objective: Sell 5 vehicles to Derek at the dock.

Objective: Finish all Car Dealer missions in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Objective: Finish "Jimmy's Vendetta" on any difficulty level.

Five Finger Discount
Objective: Finish the Supermarket level in "Joe's Adventures."

Ladies Man
Objective: Find all of the Playboy magazines.

Mind the Goods
Objective: Finish the Cathouse level in "Joe's Adventures."

Same Shirt Different Day
Objective: Finish Joe's Adventures on any difficulty.

Cruise Control
Objective: Keep any vehicle at 30mph or over for 5 or more minutes.

One Careful Owner
Objective: Travel a total of 50 miles in one vehicle.

Objective: Destroy 100 vehicles in "Jimmy’s Vendetta."

Armament King
Objective: Kill your enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta" with every weapon available in the game.

Arctic Grave
Objective: Push the chief witness into the ice lake in "Joe's Adventures."

Jacked Jumper
Objective: Reach 200 points for one Jump in "Joe's Adventures."

Card Sharp
Objective: Find all of the Wanted posters.

Objective: Kill 1,000 enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Objective: Earn 1,000,000 points in "Jimmy's Vendetta."

Driftin' Daddy-O
Objective: Reach 200 points for one Drift in "Joe's Adventures."

Objective: Reach 2000 points for one velocity run in "Joe's Adventures."

Jack of all Trades
Objective: Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in "Joe's Adventures."

Objective: Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta."


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