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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
Playstation 3

 The Curse of the Black Pearl (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Film 1 story

 Dead Man's Chest (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Film 2 story

 At World's End (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Film 3 story

 On Stranger Tides (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Film 4 story

 Here there be monsters (Bronze)
Objective: Get eaten by a creature in deadly water

 A weather eye on the horizon (Bronze)
Objective: Use a spyglass

 The Green Flash (Bronze)
Objective: Watch a sunset

 Welcome to the Caribbean! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Port Royal

 Hello, poppet! (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only)

 The best pirate I've ever seen (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Port Royal in Story without dying

 The worst pirate I've ever seen (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Port Royal in Story with zero studs

 More what you'd call guidelines (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Brethren Court

 A pirate's life for me (Bronze)
Objective: Test any custom character

 You filthy, slimy, mangy cur! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete all the Guard Dog levels

 Try wearing a corset (Bronze)
Objective: Do 5 lady backflips in a row

 Savvy? (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock all the Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only)

 Wind in your sails! (Bronze)
Objective: Hit a flying parrot on Smuggler's Den

 Did everybody see that? (Bronze)
Objective: High dive into the Maelstrom

 Aye-aye, captain! (Bronze)
Objective: Play a level in co-op

 Gents, take a walk (Bronze)
Objective: Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters

 I am a bad man (Bronze)
Objective: Play a level with all Extras turned on (Single Player Only)

 Fight to the bitter end! (Bronze)
Objective: Defeat 100 enemies

 Five lashes be owed (Bronze)
Objective: As Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times

 Fire! (Bronze)
Objective: Fire 100 cannonballs

 You're off the edge of the map (Bronze)
Objective: Highlight the secret 6th point on all 4 level select maps (Single Player Only)

 Believing in ghost stories (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all the cursed Black Pearl crew characters (Single Player Only)

 Do you fear death? (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all the Flying Dutchman crew characters (Single Player Only)

 The pirate all pirates fear (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all the Queen Anne's Revenge crew characters (Single Player Only)

 You may throw my hat (Silver)
Objective: Collect all the red hats (Single Player Only)

 The Brethren Court (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all the Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only)

 What do you want most? (Silver)
Objective: In any level use only the compass to find all it's secrets in one go, alone.

 Parley! (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)

 And really bad eggs (Silver)
Objective: Play as all the Extra Toggle characters

 Pieces of Eight (Silver)
Objective: Reach 888,888,888 studs

 There's the Jack I know (Silver)
Objective: Get True Pirate in all levels (Single Player Only)

 Sea turtles, mate (Silver)
Objective: Ride on all types of animal in the game

 Hello, beastie (Silver)
Objective: Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times

 Take what you can (Gold)
Objective: Collect all Gold bricks (Single Player Only)

 Now bring me that horizon (Gold)
Objective: Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)

 Hoist the colours! (Gold)
Objective: Sail all the minikits in the hub

 All hands on deck! (Platinum)
Objective: Collect all Trophies.


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