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Mortal Kombat
Playstation 3
Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the versus screen before a match begins, with player one entering the first three digits and player two entering the last three digits.

911-911Armless Kombat
020-020Blocking Disabled
090-090Breakers Disabled
022-022Dark Kombat
391-193Double Dash
222-555Dream Kombat
051-150Enhance Moves Disabled
227-227Explosive Kombat
001-001Foreground Objects Disabled
808-808Headless Kombat
012-012Health Recovery
091-091Hyper Fighting
770-770Invisible Kombat
831-831Jumping Disabled
931-931Kombos Disabled
101-101Klassik Music
900-900No Blood
220-000Player 1 Half Health
000-110Player 2 Half Health
110-000Player 1 Quarter Health
000-110Player 2 Quarter Health
404-404Power Bars Disabled
707-707Psycho Kombat
303-303Quick Uppercut Recovery
234-234Rainbow Kombat
717-313Random Phrase 1
448-844Random Phrase 2
122-221Random Phrase 3
009-900Random Phrase 4
550-055Random Phrase 5
031-130Random Phrase 6
282-282Random Phrase 7
123-926Random Phrase 8
044-440Sans Power
300-300Silent Kombat
731-731Specials Disabled
123-123Super Recovery
100-100Throwing Disabled
010-010Throwing Encouraged
111-111Tournament Mode
466-466Unlimited Super Meter
424-424Vampire Kombat
242-242XRays Disabled
666-666Zombie Kombat

Alternate Color Scheme:
Highlight a character and press Start. Then, press X for the original Arcade version color scheme. Press Start again for the alternate color scheme.


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