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AFL Live
Playstation 3

 50 Metre Bomb (Bronze)
Objective: Kick a goal from beyond the 50 metre arc.

 Poster (Bronze)
Objective: Hit a goal post and score a behind.

 Attacking Pressure (Bronze)
Objective: Kick 3 goals as a direct result of free kicks from tackles in a match.

 Slippery When Met (Bronze)
Objective: Win a match in the wet.

 Storming Home (Bronze)
Objective: Storm home to win without the opposition scoring a goal in the final quarter.

 First Use (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 5 taps directly to a receiver in a match.

 Amateurs' Hour (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Amateur, no simulating.

 Road Trip (Bronze)
Objective: Win a game with an AFL team against an interstate AFL team at their home ground.

 Even Spread (Bronze)
Objective: Win a game with 9 or more individual goal kickers.

 Chairman of the Board (Bronze)
Objective: Create a full team of 40 or more players in the Footy Factory.

 Dancing with Your Sister (Bronze)
Objective: Play out a drawn game.

 Downtown (Bronze)
Objective: Kick a goal from within the centre square.

 Australian Made (Bronze)
Objective: Create a player in the player creator.

 Leather Poisoning (Bronze)
Objective: Gather 40 or more disposals with a single player.

 No 'I' in Team (Bronze)
Objective: Play a co-operative match with at least 2 players on the same team.

 Kicked a Bag (Bronze)
Objective: Kick 5 or more goals in a match with a single player.

 Spoil Short (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 50 spoils.

 Shut 'em Down (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 10 effective tackles in a match.

 Online Player (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 5 online games.

 Torpedoes Away! (Bronze)
Objective: Kick a goal with a torpedo from 50 metres.

 Fruity (Bronze)
Objective: Kick a goal from the boundary with a banana.

 Talk to the Hand (Bronze)
Objective: Break 2 tackles in a row with fends.

 Winners (are Grinners) (Bronze)
Objective: Win a match.

 Playing Tall (Silver)
Objective: Win a ruck contest with the shortest player on your team.

 Hot Streak (Silver)
Objective: Win 5 matches in a row during a season on Professional difficulty or above.

 Hard Nut (Silver)
Objective: Perform 20 heavy bumps.

 End-to-End (Silver)
Objective: From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.

 Chas (Silver)
Objective: In Season mode, a member of the player controlled team wins the Brownlow medal.

 By Hand (Silver)
Objective: Win a match with more handballs than kicks.

 Got the Wood on 'em (Silver)
Objective: Defeat every team at least once in a home and away season.

 The Beautiful Game (Silver)
Objective: Kick the ball off the ground to score a goal.

 The Professionals (Silver)
Objective: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Professional, no simulating.

 It's a Drubbing (Silver)
Objective: Win a match by over 50 points.

 Set for September (Silver)
Objective: Finish on top of the ladder in a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season, no simulating.

 Legendary (Gold)
Objective: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Legend, 20 min quarters, extreme injuries, no simulating

 Nabbed It (Gold)
Objective: Win the Pre-Season Competition on Legend in real time with extreme injuries.

 First Class Century (Gold)
Objective: Have a player in your team kick more than 100 goals in a season.

 Lifetime Lagger (Gold)
Objective: Kick 5000 goals.

 Legend of the Game (Platinum)
Objective: Earn all trophies.


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