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Battle: Los Angeles
Playstation 3

 Private (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the game on Easy Difficulty

 Kaboom (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy the gas station

 Poll and Dive (Bronze)
Objective: Survive the pool attack

 Droppin Bombs (Bronze)
Objective: Call in the airstrike to defeat the Command Center

 Seen Your Video (Bronze)
Objective: Watch an unlocked video

 Staff Sergeant (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the game on Normal Difficulty

 Long Range (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 20 enemies with a sniper rifle

 Color Me Impressed (Silver)
Objective: Complete a mission on Normal without dying, failing, restarting, or continuing campaign

 Hummer (Silver)
Objective: Kill 15 enemies on the HMV turret

 Rocketman (Silver)
Objective: Kill 2 aliens with one Rocket

 Sergeant Major (Silver)
Objective: Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

 One Hundo (Gold)
Objective: Unlock all the unlockables


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