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Starpoint Gemini
PC Games
Money Cheat
This cheat requires the commodities.stb file found at X:/Your Folder Game/Starpoint Gemini/Data/Base, please make a back up before proceeding to the next section.

1. Play normally, dock to station & buy some cheap commodities (iron for example).

2. Undock, save and then quit game.

3. From your explorer go to X:/Your Folder Game/Starpoint Gemini/Data/Base, you will find the file commodities.tsb. Open with Notepad.

4. Edit the "BuyValue" into your desired price, save the file and close.

5. Start the game, load your previous save file. Dock to station and sell the commodities you bought earlier. You will find the price will be at your desired price and you can collect a huge stash of money in one transaction.
(supplied by: FirebAll1)


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