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Alien Breed 2: Assault
Playstation 3

 Co-op Campaigner (Bronze)
Objective: Complete any multiplayer level.

 Medic! (Bronze)
Objective: Purchase the Health Kit Upgrade.

 Smackdown (Bronze)
Objective: In single player story mode, melee one of each type of alien.

 Protectionist (Bronze)
Objective: In single player story mode, purchase 5 Hardened Armor items from the Intex Vendor.

 Deadly Combo (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a stunned alien with a Frag Grenade.

 Rocketman (Bronze)
Objective: Kill a sentry gun with one rocket.

 Pathfinder (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a single player level with Waypoiny Display turned off.

 Old Soldier (Silver)
Objective: Complete all single player levels 1-5.

 War of Attrition (Silver)
Objective: Kill 1000 aliens in single player.

 Vital Statistics (Silver)
Objective: Finish 'Primed' single player level with 300000 or more overall score.

 Praemonitus Praemunitus (Silver)
Objective: Collect all logs through out the game.

 Survivor (Silver)
Objective: Stay alive for 8 minutes on any of the Survivor mode single player levels.

 Rapid Deployment (Silver)
Objective: Complete 'Cargo' multiplayer level in 10 minutes or less.

 Super-Sleuth (Silver)
Objective: Finall 'secret' collectibles.

 Deadly Assassin (Silver)
Objective: Without taking damage kill 50 aliens in single player.

 Material World (Silver)
Objective: Buy every upgrade.

 Lazy (Silver)
Objective: In a multiplayer game, reach the end of a level without dying or firing a shot.

 Sentry Duty (Silver)
Objective: In single player, use a sentry gun to kill 20 aliens.

 The Best of the Best (Gold)
Objective: Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

 Indestructible (Gold)
Objective: Finish multiplayer 'Cargo' level without taking any damage.

 Tormentor (Gold)
Objective: Deal 200 damage to one alien.

 Speed Freak (Gold)
Objective: Complete Story Mode on elite difficulty with a total time played of 4 hours or less.

 The Completionist (Platinum)
Objective: Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

 Secret Trophies

 Safety First? (Bronze)
Objective: Save the game 5 times in single player story mode

 Hoovering Up (Bronze)
Objective: In a multiplayer game, acquire 80% of all items, ammo, weapons, and cash in one level.

 Hardcore Pawn (Bronze)
Objective: Sell any 10 items or ammunition at an Intex Vendor.

 Doctor in the House (Bronze)
Objective: Heal yourself for 200 hit points using health kits.

 Goodbye Cruel World (Bronze)
Objective: Blow yourself up with a Frag Grenade.

 Octo-who? (Silver)
Objective: Defeat Octo-Morph.

 Incy Wincy (Silver)
Objective: Defeat Arachno-Morph.

 Ultimate Boom stick (Gold)
Objective: Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Rocket Launcher.


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