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Shaun White Snowboarding
Playstation 3

 Ridiculously Long Lasting (Bronze)
Objective: Influence and reveal 5 gum company's billboards

 It's Better Here (Bronze)
Objective: Influence and reveal all the restaurants

 Mad Looks (Bronze)
Objective: Customize your character

 Skate Guru (Bronze)
Objective: Convert 100 citizens

 MannyMania (Bronze)
Objective: Manual for 75 meters in the story mode

 Hoverboard (Bronze)
Objective: Grind 150 meters without touching the ground in story mode

 Fashionista (Bronze)
Objective: Collect 50 clothing items in the story mode

 Raise the roof (Bronze)
Objective: Reach a trick height of 9 meters in the story mode

 Riding Benefactor (Bronze)
Objective: Use 10 power ups on yourself or your team in one multiplayer match

 Trip 'em up (Bronze)
Objective: Use 10 power ups to affect opponents in one multiplayer match

 Infinite Arsenal (Bronze)
Objective: Use 12 power ups in one multiplayer match

 Deja vu? (Bronze)
Objective: Play each multiplayer mode once

 Shape Master (Bronze)
Objective: Win a 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match

 Dynamic Propaganda (Bronze)
Objective: Win a 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match

 Unleash the Flow (Bronze)
Objective: Win a 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match

 Multiplayer Initiate (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a multiplayer match

 Challenge Killer (Bronze)
Objective: Complete 35 challenges

 Skatecopter (Bronze)
Objective: Perform 3 body rotations in a single trick

 Shopping Spree (Bronze)
Objective: Unlock all the skate shops

 Weapon of Mass Manipulation (Silver)
Objective: Transform 1000 world objects and citizens

 Secret Packrat (Silver)
Objective: Discover all the secret challenges

 Full Deck Trickster (Silver)
Objective: Unlock all the tricks and complete your trick book

 Speed Bomber (Silver)
Objective: Obtain the best time in 3 time attack challenges

 ApocalypsFlow (Silver)
Objective: Reach 7500 flow in the story mode

 Versatile Challenger (Silver)
Objective: Win a match in every multiplayer game mode

 Shaping Blitz (Silver)
Objective: Shape 10 objects in one 'Shaping Battle' multiplayer match

 Absolute Truth (Silver)
Objective: Convert 10 structures in a single 'Ministry vs Rising' multiplayer match

 Flow Factory (Silver)
Objective: Obtain 8000 flow in one 'Go with the flow' multiplayer match

 Crossing the Beams (Silver)
Objective: Link a shaping with a rail, or another shaping. Do this 30 times.

 Flat footed (Silver)
Objective: Perform 100 perfect landings

 Glitterous (Silver)
Objective: Find all the secret chests

 Gold Medal Challenge (Gold)
Objective: Earn the gold medal in all Shaun White challenges

 Platinum Award (Platinum)
Objective: Acquire all other trophies.

 Secret Trophies

 Rising Freedom (Bronze)
Objective: Free the rising member from the Ministry

 Soap On A Rope (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the training event to be ready to face the ministry

 Going Out With A Bang! (Bronze)
Objective: Evade & escape the Ministry trap

 Rescue Skater (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy the De-influencer & free Francisco from the Ministry

 Ministry Retreat (Bronze)
Objective: Remove 20 Ministry posters & logos

 Skate Shop Moxie (Bronze)
Objective: Impress Bob & free his skate shop

 Walk In The Park (Bronze)
Objective: Completely reveal the skate park

 Free Your Mind (Bronze)
Objective: Use shaping to mold the world

 Fail Zeppelin (Bronze)
Objective: Crash the Ministry Zeppelin

 Rebel Training (Silver)
Objective: Complete the challenge & successfully prove yourself to the rising

 Heal The World (Silver)
Objective: Destroy all the Ministry pylons

 A New Harmony (Gold)
Objective: Find Shaun & defeat the Ministry (end game)


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