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Playstation 3

 Aerial Threat (Bronze)
Objective: Score a header with a player with the Aerial Threat Specialty

 Against the Odds (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Head to Head Ranked Match using a weaker team

 All My Own Work (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Match with Manual Controls (auto-swtiching must be set to 'Manual')

 Always Friendly (Bronze)
Objective: Cross for a Friend to score

 Anything in Particular? (Bronze)
Objective: Visit the FIFA 11 Store

 Back of the Net (Bronze)
Objective: Score 5 goals in one Arena kick-about

 Club Glory (Bronze)
Objective: Win the Cup as part of an online Pro Club

 Crosser (Bronze)
Objective: Create a goal with a cross with a player with the Crossing Specialty

 Distance Shooter (Bronze)
Objective: Score from outside the bos with a player with the Distance Shooter Specialty

 Eat My Goal (Bronze)
Objective: Upload a Video to EA Sports Football World

 Established Keeper (Bronze)
Objective: Play a season as a Goalkeeper in Career Mode

 Experimental (Bronze)
Objective: Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches with different teams

 First Time Out (Bronze)
Objective: Win an online Friends League match

 Good Form (Bronze)
Objective: Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing

 Home Maker (Bronze)
Objective: Change the Home Stadium of any team

 In for the Win (Bronze)
Objective: Take a Head to Head Ranked Match to extra time with a weaker team

 In the Game (Bronze)
Objective: Create a Virtual Pro

 Mastermind (Bronze)
Objective: Have a substitute score a goal in Career Mode

 New Choons (Bronze)
Objective: Import your own sounds into the game using the Custom Music & Chants feature

 Once in a lifetime (Bronze)
Objective: Score as the Goalkeeper in any match

 One Club Man (Bronze)
Objective: Play 50 matches for the same online Pro Club

 One to Remember (Bronze)
Objective: Save a highlight to the Replay Theatre

 Perfect Keeping (Bronze)
Objective: Play as the Goalkeeper in a Kick-Off match & finish with 100% Saving Accuracy

 Picture Perfect (Bronze)
Objective: Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS Football World

 Playmaker (Bronze)
Objective: Create a goal with a player with the Playmaker Specialty

 Poacher (Bronze)
Objective: Score from inside the box with a player with the Poacher Specialty

 Record Holder (Bronze)
Objective: Get your name on any Career Mode Leaderboard

 Safe Hands (Bronze)
Objective: Play any match as the Goalkeeper with no Assistance

 Team Training (Bronze)
Objective: Play a Practice Match with your online Pro Club

 Training Time (Bronze)
Objective: Work on your skills in any Arena Practice Mode

 Virtual Football (Bronze)
Objective: Play a Pro Clubs match as a team of 10 or more

 Warming the Gloves (Bronze)
Objective: Make 10 saves in 1 Arena Kick-about

 Woodwork & In! (Bronze)
Objective: Score off the post or cross bar in a match

 Good Week! (Bronze)
Objective: Get yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode

 Around the World (Silver)
Objective: Play a match with a team from every league

 Home & Away (Silver)
Objective: Play & win in every Stadium

 It's in the Blood! (Silver)
Objective: Go from being a Player to the Manager (or Player Manager) in Career Mode

 Rising Talent (Silver)
Objective: Complete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro

 Virtual Debut (Silver)
Objective: Play an online Pro Club or Pro Ranked match with your Virtual Pro

 Great Month! (Silver)
Objective: Win the Manager of the Month award in Career Mode

 Folklore (Gold)
Objective: Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode

 Hundred & Counting (Gold)
Objective: Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches

 Virtual Legend (Gold)
Objective: Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro

 Football Legend (Platinum)
Objective: Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

 Secret Trophies

 Secret Trophy
Objective: Continue to play to unlock this secret trophy.


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