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F1 2010
Playstation 3

 Rocking the boat (Bronze)
Objective: Finish ahead of you higher placed team mate in your first season with a new team

 Practice makes perfect (Bronze)
Objective: The player has driven at least 1 lap in all 3 practice sessions over 1 race weekend

 Rookie Driver (Bronze)
Objective: Finish your first career race

 Face the press (Bronze)
Objective: Complete your first press interview

 Seeking Performance (Bronze)
Objective: Sucessfully complete an R&D test

 Hot Property (Bronze)
Objective: Win and accept a contract with a higer placed team

 One-Two (Bronze)
Objective: Finish 1st and 2nd with your team mate in a career race

 Clean License (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a race without an incident

 Speed demon (Bronze)
Objective: Travel about 200mph

 Well protected (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a full race using cockpit cam

 Silver Arrow (Bronze)
Objective: Win in a Mercedes in Germany

 Rain Meister (Bronze)
Objective: Win a wet race

 Against all odds (Bronze)
Objective: Win a race after starting in the final grid slot

 It's a set-up (Bronze)
Objective: Win a race in a car using a set-up created by the player

 I ain't afraid of no ghost (Bronze)
Objective: Set a time in time trial mode

 2nd chance (Bronze)
Objective: Go on to win a race after using a Flashback

 Well Drilled (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the pit stop challenge in under x amount of time

 Semi auto (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a race using manual gears

 The magic number (Bronze)
Objective: Take your 3rd victory

 Impress the boss (Bronze)
Objective: Exceed a career objective

 Attracting attention (Bronze)
Objective: Win a race where a new contract is on offer

 The big one (Bronze)
Objective: Meet the contract requirements of the Championship leading team

 Team Leader (Bronze)
Objective: Become the No. 1 driver in a team through promotion or joining a new team

 Crushing Victory (Bronze)
Objective: Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season

 Schuperb (Bronze)
Objective: Win from pole position 41 times

 Made perfect (Bronze)
Objective: Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions

 Pole Position (Bronze)
Objective: Place first on the grid

 Podium finish (Bronze)
Objective: Finish in the top 3

 Top Step (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first race

 Unforgettable (Bronze)
Objective: Take pole and win at Monaco

 World Champion (Bronze)
Objective: Win the World Championship

 Strength of character (Bronze)
Objective: Set a time in time trial mode

 Tifosi (Bronze)
Objective: Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza

 Taking it online (Bronze)
Objective: Win your first ranked online race

 Perfect 10 (Bronze)
Objective: Achieve level 10 online

 A true gent (Bronze)
Objective: Complete an online race without making contact with an opponent

 Limelight (Bronze)
Objective: Finish the season ahead of your Championship Rival

 Commitment is the key (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a 7 season career- triggered after the final race of season 7

 Clean sweep (Bronze)
Objective: Take pole position setting the fastest time in each sector

 True racer (Bronze)
Objective: Win a race with all driver aids switched off

 Full house (Bronze)
Objective: Fastest in practice, take pole, finish first

 Seasoned (Silver)
Objective: Complete your first full season

 Built to succeed (Silver)
Objective: Win the Constructors title

 Double World Champion (Silver)
Objective: Win a second World Championship

 2 and 5 (Silver)
Objective: Achieve level 25 online

 Consistency is the key (Silver)
Objective: Score points in every round of a season

 World Champion - Legend (Gold)
Objective: Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

 Triple World Champion (Gold)
Objective: Win a third World Drivers Championship

 Nifty 50 (Gold)
Objective: Achieve level 50 online

 Complete (Platinum)
Objective: Achieve all other Trophies within the game


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