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Starcraft 2
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Press [ENTER] while playing and then type any of the following cheat codes. Achievements are disabled if cheat codes are used.

terribleterribledamageGod Mode
moredotsmoredotsRemove Resource Costs for Buildings/Units
whysoseriousGives $5000 Credits
jaynestownResources Granted
realmendrilldeepAdd 5,000 Gas
tyuhasleftthegameVictory Conditions On/Off
sosayweallRemove Upgrade Tree Requirements
eyeofsauronView Any Cinematic
iamironmanUpgrade Armor by 1
hanshotfirstDisable Ability Cooldowns
overengineeredcodpiecePlays "Terran Up the Night"
cadeasygoinLose Mission
basestarsprimitiveFast Build
fsbcomunicacionFast Heal
mintmansoperatorFood (Supply/Control/Psi) Usage On/Off
smoldersboldsAdd 5,000 Minerals + Gas
stroaksmoltsAdd 5,000 Minerals
ypoonsvoicemailDefeat Conditions On/Off
sawnoutofmemoryReveal Map
qroteroTime of Day Progression On/Off
cmethodfeedbackWin Mission
lyingpectShow Mission Progress
furabrancheryTV News Cheat (Use Outside of Mission)
wapboinkersAdd Research Points


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