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Little League World Series Baseball 2010
Playstation 3


 Rookie Pitcher
Objective: Completed all the pitching training.

 Rookie Hitter
Objective: Completed all the batting training.

 Rookie Fielder
Objective: Completed all the fielding training.

 Rookie Base Runner
Objective: Completed all the base-running training.

 Rookie Card Holder
Objective: Completed the card training.

 Rookie Talent
Objective: Completed all the Talent training.

 Highlight Player
Objective: Caught the ball 12 times with a diving or a jumping catch.

 Great Glove
Objective: Fielded 30 error-free ground balls.

 I Got It, I Got It!
Objective: Caught 100 fly balls.

 All-Star Defense
Objective: Fielders completed 100 outs not including strikeouts.

 Run Scorer
Objective: Scored 60 runs.

 Team Player
Objective: Successfully executed 15 sacrifice hits.

 Doubles Master
Objective: Successfully hit 30 doubles.

 Power Slugger
Objective: Successfully hit 50 home runs.

 Power Pitcher
Objective: Struck out 60 batters.

 Walk Off Winner
Objective: Won 5 walk-off games in your final at bat.

 All-Star Talents
Objective: Used Talents 20 times.

 Perfect Control
Objective: Achieved the high score in Pitching Darts with a Challenge rule.

 Pro Bowler
Objective: Achieved the high core in Pitching Bowling in a 10 frame game.

 Dugout Dunker Pro
Objective: Achieved the high score in Dunk Dugout with 5 turns.

 King Of Home Runs
Objective: Achieved the high score in Home Run Tourney with 20 balls.

 Bat Control
Objective: Achived the high score in Batting Frenzy using the 5 x 5 rule.

 Around The Horn Memory Control
Objective: Achieved the high score in Around the Horn using the 2 miss rule.

 Card Collector
Objective: Collected 27 cards.

 Grand Slam
Objective: Successfully hit a base-loaded home run in a tournament game.

 Shut Out
Objective: Won a game by shutout in a tournament.


 You're No Longer A Rookie!
Objective: Completed all the training.

 Card Enthusiast
Objective: Collected 38 cards.

Objective: Struck out 3 batters in a row in a tournament game.

 Hit For The Cycle
Objective: Successfully hit a single, double, triple, and a home run as a team in a tournament game.

 Triple Crown
Objective: Led the league in batting average, home runs, and RBI's.

 No Hitter
Objective: Won a tournament with a no hitter.

 Dr. K
Objective: Recorded 70 strikeouts in a tournement series.

 Everyone Hits!
Objective: All the team members achieved base hits in the same game in a tournament.

 All-Around Team Hitters
Objective: Achieved 190 base hits in a tournament series.

 Scoring Frenzy
Objective: Achieved 170 runs in a tournament series.

 ERA Leader
Objective: Got an earned run average of 2.3 or less in a tournament series.

 US Bracket Winner
Objective: Won the US tournament bracket.

 International Bracket Winner
Objective: Won the international bracket winner.


 Master of Cards
Objective: Collected all 54 cards.

 Perfect Game
Objective: Won a tournament game with no hits, walks, or errors.

 World Series Champion
Objective: Won the World Series.


 Little League Trophy Champ
Objective: Earned all trophies.


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