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Sam & Max Ep. 302: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
Playstation 3


 Say Hi to the Nice People, Charlie
Objective: Throw your voice to every available target.

 Curse the Luck
Objective: Get zapped with fewer than six Mole Curses.

 Nine Lives of Sameth & Maximus
Objective: See Sameth and/or Maximus die at nine distinct points in the game.

 Chrono Logic
Objective: Complete the four reels in sequential order.

 Doppel Fluch
Objective: Cause German train passenger to be saddled with two curses at the same time.

Objective: Cause your little buddy to lose both his luck and his rabbithood at the same time.

 Secret Handshake
Objective: Fool a Yog Soggoth devotee into thinking you’re a member of the Brotherhood.


 Challenge of the Sphunx
Objective: Completed Monsieur Papierwaite's challenge

 Looters of the Lost Toybox
Objective: Successfully raided the Tomb of Sammun-Mak.

 Mystery on the Disorient Express
Objective: Foiled an onboard sneak-thief.

 Open Wide
Objective: Make it through the Mouth of the Sphunx the first time it opens.


 Horror Show
Objective: Stop a seriously sinister ceremony.


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