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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Nintendo Wii
Game ID: RXIE52

(Hook Type: GXDraw)

Have all Images
077D9024 00000018
39600001 99630034
88630034 4AA18660
041F168C 495E7998

Have all Videos
077D9044 00000018
39600001 9963017E
8863017E 4AA18690
041F16DC 495E7968

Have all Models
077D9034 00000018
39600001 996300FC
886300FC 4AA18678
041F16B4 495E7980

Infinite Health
0412CFF4 60000000

Infinite Energy
04088624 D3E31E7C

Infinite Rage
0412F184 D03F0004

077D9000 00000024
3D60803E A16BC480
2C0B0800 40820010
3D604500 917F0ED4
4A952684 D03F0ED4
4A95267C 00000000
0412B698 496AD968


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