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Playstation 3

 Combo Fanatic
Objective: Pull off a 50-hit combo.

 The Magic Man
Objective: Learn every type of magic.

Objective: Collect 50 percent of all words.

 Village Handyman
Objective: Complete 10 quests.

 Jack of All Trades
Objective: Complete 20 quests.

 Man of Means
Objective: Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold.

 Educated Warrior
Objective: Read the final novel segment.


 Combo Master
Objective: Pull off a 100-hit combo.

 Weapons Collector
Objective: Find every weapon.

 Go-To Guy
Objective: Complete 30 quests.

 King of the Lost Shrine
Objective: Defeat Gretel within two and a half minutes.

 A True Friend
Objective: Defeat a berserking shade within one minute.

 Boss of the Junk Heap
Objective: Defeat P-33 within four and a half minutes.

 Scourge of the Aerie
Objective: Defeat Wendy within eight and a half minutes.

 Protector of Facade
Objective: Defeat Roc within three and a half minutes.

 Permission Granted
Objective: Defeat the betrayers within two and a half minutes.

 A Dirge for the Hero
Objective: Defeat Goose within two minutes.

 Soul Crusher
Objective: Defeat the betrayers within three and a half minutes.

 Book Burner
Objective: Destroy the world-saving tome within one and a half minutes.

 The Once and Final King
Objective: Defeat the Shade inside you within three and a half minutes.

 The Strongest Bond
Objective: Defeat someone you care for within three and half minutes.

 Secret Trophies:

 The Book of Legend (Bronze)
Objective: Grimmoire Weiss joined your party

 The Wild Companion (Bronze)
Objective: Kaine joined your party

 The Mellow Companion (Bronze)
Objective: Emil joined your party.

 Release (Bronze)
Objective: You freed Kainé from her petrification.

 Key Collector (Bronze)
Objective: You unlocked the key to the Shadowlord's castle.

 A World in Flux (Bronze)
Objective: You defeated the Shadowlord

 Legendary Gardener (Bronze)
Objective: You successfully cultivated the legendary flower.

 Fish of Legend (Bronze)
Objective: You caught a rhizodont.

 Material Hunter (Bronze)
Objective: You collected 50 types of raw materials

 Upgrade Apprentice (Bronze)
Objective: You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level.

 Reform Specialist (Bronze)
Objective: You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level.

 All Aboared! (Bronze)
Objective: You rode a boar for at least 5 minutes

 The Sheep Wisperer (Bronze)
Objective: You killed 100 sheep

 Call Her Back (Silver)
Objective: You viewed the first ending (Ending A).

 Lingering Memories (Silver)
Objective: You viewed the second ending (Ending B).

 A Round by the Pond (Silver)
Objective: You caught one of every type of fish.

 Lightspeed Fighter (Silver)
Objective: You completed the game within fifteen hours.

 Forging Master (Silver)
Objective: You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level.

 Thank You (Gold)
Objective: You viewed the third ending (Ending C).

 Something Very Special (Gold)
Objective: You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).

 The Final Verse (Platinum)
Objective: Congratulations! Thanks for playing!


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