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Super Street Fighter IV
Playstation 3

 Fashion Plate
Objective: Even a top rate figher needs to coordinate properly! You gotta get all of the Colors first!

 Dan the Man
Objective: Mastery of the Saikyo arts requires mastery of the Personal Action! Collect 'em all, punk!

Objective: A Title does not tell all of a man, sir, but if I were see one Titles, I'd want them all...

 EXtra! EXtra!
Objective: Battle requires courage! Train by using your EX Gauge to successfully land 100 EX Moves!

 Super, Man!
Objective: To battle is to win a fight with overwhelming strength! Show me you can do 100 Super Combos!

 Ultra, Man!
Objective: If yer gonna fight, give it your all, pal. Performing 100 Ultra Combos oughta do it, eh?

 It Takes Focus
Objective: Your mission, should you wish to join Delta Red, is to connect with 100 Focus Attacks!

 Superior Super
Objective: Trust your instincts and winning will come easy. Let's begin with 50 Super Combo finishes!

 Ultimate Ultra
Objective: Candy always says you gotta win with style, so go out there and perform 50 Ultra Combo finishes!

Objective: Amigo, perform 365 Super or Ultra Combo finishes against your opponents! The dawn is coming!

 Absolute Perfection
Objective: Lauren's waiting, so how about you finish your fights quickly and get 30 Perfects. Sound good?

 Clear Headed
Objective: Hey! Got time to kill? Try to clear Arcade Mode on Medium or higher! That's all you gotta do!

 All Clear
Objective: To get strong takes lots of fighting! Clear Arcade mode on Medium or higher with all characters!

 Herculean Effort
Objective: Can you finish Arcade Mode on Medium or higher without using a continue? Show me you can!

 Hard Times
Objective: To escape death is to beat the strongest of the strong. Finish Arcade Mode on Hardest, kid!

 Long Time No See
Objective: Do you wish for defeat? If so, complete Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty and beat Gouken!

 Rival Schooled
Objective: See your future by clearing every Rival Battle on Medium or higher with every character.

 Good Start
Objective: All of nature must withstand a trial. You must clear 10 trials in Trial Mode to succeed.

 Trail of Trials
Objective: There is no shortcut in the art of Yoga. Aum to clear any character's Trial Mode trials!

 Oh! My Car!
Objective: Hee hee, destruction is so much fun! Score 80,000 points or more in the Car Crusher bonus stage!

 Barrel of Laughs
Objective: No need for barrels without oil! Score 110,000 points or more in the Barrel Buster bonus stage!

 It Begins
Objective: The fight starts here! Set your Title and Icon, and begin fighting online!

 First Timer
Objective: I'll never forget my first time for Ryu's sake! Win one Ranked Match! Gotta aim for the top!

Objective: You think being this good is easy? Let's see you win 3 Ranked Matches in a row, champ!

Objective: This is your real power, child? Show me it's not luck by winning 5 Ranked Matches in a row!

 Moving On Up
Objective: Ya need to do anything to reach the top of the food chain! Let's see a Rank Up via Ranked match!

 Now You C Me...
Objective: I wrestle only the strong! You shall rank up to C if you wanna face me, comrade!

 Road to Victory
Objective: You wanna get that fight money? You're gonna have to win 10 matches online first, sucka!

 Battle Master
Objective: Only winners can attain such beauty. Win 30 matches online and I may share my beauty secrets.

 Worldly Warrior
Objective: Let's do this, amigo! Fight 50 matches online, because that's the only way to become strong!

 Team Player
Objective: A 1-on-1 fight is fun, but it's more fun with friends! Try fighting in a Team Battle!

 Team Mate
Objective: Win 1 Team Battle match, and you will learn that teamwork can help you become stronger!

Objective: A pro can win with any team. Win 10 Team Battles but don't forget, you have to win too!

 Keep on Truckin'
Objective: If you want to focus on nothing but the fight, entering an Endless Battle is for you!

 Three For The Road
Objective: In the pursuit of strength, one must have a goal! In Endless Battle, win 3 matches in a row.

Objective: Watch 30 Replays via the Replay Channel! Isn't it fun watching people go at it tooth and nail?

 Endless Lobbyist
Objective: It's only natural for warriors to seek fights! Create 30 Endless Battle lobbies!

 Team Lobbyist
Objective: Hey mon, battlin' is fun, no? Go out and create 30 Team Battle lobbies and enjoy the rhythm!

 Quarter Up
Objective: Fight 30 opponents via Arcade Fight Request. It'd be easy with the right bait, he he.


Objective: Oh my gosh, those Icons are so adorable! Don-chan and I gotta catch 'em all!

 Special Movement
Objective: Do a Special Move 100 times! If you're a true student of the Rindo-kan dojo, it's your duty!

 Speed Freak
Objective: Finish each round in Arcade Mode on Medium or higher in 20 seconds or less. Too easy.

Objective: Don't hold back your true potential! Win 10 Ranked Matches in a row!

 From C to Shining C
Objective: You think you're good don't you? Prove it by ranking up all characters to C Rank!

 Legendary Fighter
Objective: I shall make you the right hand of Shadaloo if you can win 100 matches online!

 Bring it on!
Objective: No comrade, this will not do! We must become stronger, for our fans! Fight 100 matches online!

 Endless Ten
Objective: Throw away your fears and focus on the fight! Win 10 fights in a row in Endless Battle!


 Trial Athlete
Objective: I shall assimilate all and be all-powerful! Clear all Trial Mode challenges, and so can you!

 This is Madness!
Objective: Fighting is fun, huh? Well then, let's aim for 300 matches online fought, OK buddy?


 Trophy Collector
Objective: Attain all Trophies! The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it!


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