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Mega Man 10
Nintendo Wii

1 hit Kills (Enemys+bosses)
C2058984 00000003
2C000000 41820008
38000000 B01E0030
60000000 00000000

Have all weapons
02535A7E 0000FFFF

Jump to wily's castle(Hold 1 and press Right on D-Pad)
2845348A 00000202
02535AEA 000001FF
E0000000 80008000
Note from the Stage select press - to goto the save menu then go back to the stage select and bam

Play as Bass
0250D6D4 00000303
Once you goto ok on the Character select screen you will be him

00533514 0000002E

Have 9 Lives
00535A5C 00000009

Unlimited Health
00533525 0000001C

Refill Health and Ammo
2845348A 00000202
00533525 0000001C
085335C0 0000001C
000D0002 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Hold 1 and press Right on D-Pad

1-Hit Boss Kill
2845348A 00000201
005300FD 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Hold 1 and press Left on D-Pad
Doesn't work on some Sub-Bosses in Wiley's Castle

Always Have Charged Attack
2845348A FDFF0200
0253357E 00000060
E0000000 80008000

999 Screws
0251067A 000003E7

Have All Items
04535B14 01090109
04535B18 03090109

Individual Ammo Codes

Unlimited T.Blade Ammo
005335C0 0000001C

Unlimited W.Shield Ammo
005335C2 0000001C

Unlimited C.Bomb Ammo
005335C4 0000001C

Unlimited C.Spike Ammo
005335C6 0000001C

Unlimited T.Wool Ammo
005335C8 0000001C

Unlimited R.Striker Ammo
005335CA 0000001C

Unlimited W.Cutter Ammo
005335CC 0000001C

Unlimited S.Blaze Ammo
005335CE 0000001C

Unlimited R.Coil
005335D0 0000001C

Unlimited R.Jet
005335D2 0000001C

Unlimited Mirror B.
005335D4 0000001C

Unlimited S.Crusher Ammo
005335D6 0000001C

Unlimited B.Cracker Ammo
005335D8 0000001C

Have Individual Items

Have 9 Energy Tanks
00535B15 00000009

Have 9 Weapon Tanks
00535B17 00000009

Have Mystery Tank
00535B16 00000001

Have Guard Power
00535B1A 00000001

Have Eddie Call
00535B18 00000003

Have Beat Call
00535B19 00000009

Have Shock Guard
00535B1B 00000009

Book of Hairstyles & Energy Balancer
00535B0C 0000000A


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