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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Playstation 3

 True Blue
Objective: Earn your BLUE SEGA License.

 Amber De Amigo
Objective: Earn your AMBER SEGA License.

 Now There Are No Limits!
Objective: Win your first Grand Prix Cup.

 Time Stalker
Objective: Set a Personal Best Time on any Time Trial course.

 Shadow Dancing
Objective: Defeat a Staff Ghost on any Time Trial course.

 Mega Driver
Objective: Score AAA on any mission.

 Crazy Box
Objective: Pass every mission.

Objective: Play with a Friend online.

 Racing Hero
Objective: Win any race online.

 Lucky Dime
Objective: Purchase any item from the Shopping Menu.

 High Roller
Objective: Purchase every item from the Shopping Menu.

 Classic Collection
Objective: Win a race as each racer.

 Power Drift
Objective: Perform a fifteen second Drift.

Objective: Perform twenty Turbo-Boosts within a single lap of any event.

 Triple Trouble
Objective: Perform three Tricks in one jump and make the landing.

 Gaining Ground
Objective: Get a Turbo-Boost Start to any event.

 Wheels of Fire
Objective: Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.

 Rolling Start
Objective: Complete Sonic\'s Test Drive.

 Road Rampage
Objective: Take out three opponents with one All-Star Move.

 After Burner
Objective: Take out three opponents with one triple-weapon.

 Up \'N\' Down
Objective: Take out a racer by manually directing an item.

 Streets of Rage
Objective: Ram an opponent off the course without using a Weapon or Power-Up.

 Wonder Boy
Objective: Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse.

 Altered Beast
Objective: Win a race while using an All-Star Move.

 Last Survivor
Objective: Finish the first lap in last position and go on to win the race.

 Super Hang-On
Objective: Win the race holding first place on each lap.

 Project Rub
Objective: Complete any Race event without collisions.

 Enduro Racer
Objective: Play one hundred events including any race, mission or time trial in any mode.


 Red Out
Objective: Earn your RED SEGA License.

 Virtual Bronze
Objective: Earn your BRONZE SEGA License.

 Captain Silver
Objective: Earn your SILVER SEGA License.

 Welcome to the Next Level!
Objective: Win every race within a Grand Prix Cup.

 To be this good takes AGES!
Objective: Win every Grand Prix Cup.

 Fighters Megamix
Objective: Take out an opponent with each character\'s All-Star Move.

 Clock Work
Objective: Set a Personal Best Time on every Time Trial course.

 Ghost Master
Objective: Defeat a Staff Ghost on every Time Trial course.

 Magical Sound Shower
Objective: Race to every piece of music.

 Top of the Class
Objective: Score AAA on every mission.

Objective: Lap a trailing player in a race online.

 Death Adder
Objective: Take out opponents with items one hundred times online.

 SEGA World
Objective: Complete a race on each course in Grand Prix, Single Race or Time Trial mode.


 Golden Acts
Objective: Earn your GOLD SEGA License.


 Ultimate Collection
Objective: Earn every Trophy in the game.

 Secret Trophies:

 Sonic Unleashed (Bronze)
Objective: Use Sonic's All-Star Move to take out Dr. Eggman and show him who's boss!

 Feel the Magic (Bronze)
Objective: Use Amy's All-Star Move to send Sonic dizzy with love!

 Working Man (Bronze)
Objective: Use Ryo's All-Star Move to take out Jacky and Akira and show them who's the ultimate martial artist!

 Giant Egg (Bronze)
Objective: Use Billy's All-Star Move to squash the Crows!

 Top Skater (Bronze)
Objective: Perform three tricks in one jump with Beat on Tokyo-to - Shibuya Downtown.

 The Chariot (Bronze)
Objective: Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.

 Cat Mania (Bronze)
Objective: Summon the giant KapuKapu and gobble up Big the Cat for mouse revenge!


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