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Marvel Super Hero Squad
Nintendo Wii
111111Unlocks Iron Man and War Machine
222222Unlocks Hulk, Grey Hulk, and Red Hulk
333333Unlocks Wolverine, his brown costume, and Feral Wolverine
444444Unlocks Thor, Chain Armor Thor, and Loki Thor
555555Unlocks Silver Surfer, Anti Surfer, and Gold Surfer
666666Unlocks Falcon and Ultimates Falcon
777777Unlocks Cheat- Super Knockback
888888Unlocks Cheat- No Blocking
999999Unlocks Doctor Doom, Ultimates Doom, and Professor Doom
246246Unlocks A.I.M. Agent/ Blue Suit A.I.M. Agent
925627Unlocks Captain America and US Agent (Wal-Mart version only)
925678Unlocks Spider-Man and Symbiote Spider-Man (Wal-Mart version only)

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