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Revenge of the Wounded Dragons
Playstation 3

 Pure Dragon
Objective: Beat a whole level without picking up weapons or objects.

 Ultimate Revenge
Objective: Kill Fat Lu with a shotgun... at point blank.

 Finish Him
Objective: Use all 8 finishing moves in one level.

 No 'I' in Team
Objective: Use all of the coop moves.

 Nom Nom Nom
Objective: Feed an enemy to a crocodile.

 Home Run
Objective: Knock one rider off his scooter with a bat.

 This Is My Boomstick
Objective: Kill 6 enemies with the same shotgun.


 Golden Smile
Objective: Collect 32 golden teeth.

 All That Glitters...
Objective: Collect every golden statue.

 Kung Fu Legend
Objective: Get a x20 multiplier.

 Marco Polo
Objective: Find every secret area.


 Roll Credits
Objective: Beat the game.


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